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Final English Top Division Football (soccer) Table and Cup Final(s)

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Position Club Points History Notes
1  Manchester City  58 7-2  
2  Manchester United  56 5-23  EC-W 
3  Liverpool  55 4-6  
4  Leeds United  53 5-4  UEFA-W; LC-W 
5  Everton  52 3-14  FAC-F 
6  Chelsea  48 4-5  
7  Tottenham Hotspur  47 4-18  
8  West Bromwich Albion  46 5-19  FAC-W 
9  Arsenal  44 2-42  LC-F 
10  Newcastle United  41 3-3  
11  Nottingham Forest  39 4-11  
12  West Ham United  38 2-10  
13  Leicester City  38 5-11  
14  Burnley  38 4-21  
15  Sunderland  37 2-4  
16  Southampton  37 1-2  
17  Wolverhampton Wanderers  36 3-1  
18  Stoke City  35 5-5  
19  Sheffield Wednesday  34 7-9  
20  Coventry City  33 1-1  
21  Sheffield United  32 4-7  
22  Fulham  27 2-9  

Legend and Abbreviations
Points: 2 for a win : 1 for a draw. Clubs: Blue Qualified for Europe Red Relegated
History is in the form A-B:
 A is the number of occasions that the club has been in the Top Division. 
B is the current number of consecutive seasons in the Top Division.
Notes: FAC FA Cup; LC League Cup; EC European Cup; UEFA UEFA Cup;
W Winners - F Finalists

League Cup Final Leeds United 1 Arsenal 0
FA Cup Final West Bromwich Albion 1 Everton 0 aet

European Cup Final Manchester United 4 Benfica 1 aet
Fairs Cup Final First Leg Leeds United 1 Ferencváros 0
Fairs Cup Final Second Leg Ferencváros 0 Leeds United 0 (agg 0 - 1)
Cup Winners Cup Final AC Milan 2 SV Hamburg 0

aet After Extra Time : agg Aggregate Score


Manchester United became the first English club to win the European Cup. The victory came ten years after the Munich air disaster. The next European Cup win by an English club would not occur until 1977.

Leeds United won the Fairs Cup and the League Cup, their first trophies. This was the first double involving European and domestic trophies for an English club. Leeds United became the second English club to appear in two consecutive European finals.

For the first time, two English clubs won European trophies in the same season.

West Bromwich Albion became the first club to use a substitute in an FA Cup final.

On the final day of the league season, Manchester United and Manchester City were level on points. Manchester City won 4 - 3 away to Newcastle United to take the Championship as Manchester United lost 1 - 2 at home to Sunderland. This is the first occasion when the top two clubs are from the same city.

Qualification for the Fairs Cup was still subject to the "one city, one club" rule. Liverpool qualified and this excluded Everton from the same city. Leeds United qualified as winners and via the League Cup. Chelsea qualified, excluding Tottenham Hotspur and Arsenal as all three were from London. West Bromwich Albion and Newcaste United made up the numbers, the latter having finished 10th in the League.

Coventry City made their top division debut.

A new rule was introduced whereby goalkeepers must release the ball after four steps.

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