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Am Mohammed Mansur Ojuroye
Bauchi, Nigeria


To whom it may concern

Am a soccer loving fans and also a student in the Nigerian Polytechnic,please I will be very happy if my question and request can be successful send back to me because I knew that Krysstal are elder in terms of football information.

The question are:

1. The number of Nigerian playing football in England at any level and their various clubs
2. Magazine or poster containing picture of this year winner of the F.A Cup (Arsenal)


KryssTal Reply: Hello,

Try the Arsenal page for the FA Cup photos. As for the number of Nigerian players I think it's about 6 or 7 in the Premier League.


Brian Richards


Great site, just to inform you of this coming seasons (2003-2004) rulings for European football.

Winner and runner up from the premiership go straight into the Champions League. 3rd and 4th in the prem have to fight through 1 and 2 qualifiying games (2 legs) respectively to win through to the league competition.

The Champions League itself comprises of 8 mini-leagues of 4 teams, the top 2 from each league qualify for the knockout stage of 16 teams,(no second mini-league stage now), the 8 teams that come 3rd in the mini-leagues go into the later rounds of the Uefa cup.

The team that wins the FA cup goes into the Uefa cup, unless it has qualified for the Champions League, when the runner up will enter the Uefa cup. The team that wins the Worthington cup also goes into the Uefa cup, again unless it has qualified for the Champions League but this time the runner up does not get the option to enter, it moves to the relavent league position. The last team for the Uefa cup is the team that finish's 5th in the prem.

There is is also an opportunity to enter the Uefa via the "fair play league" or entering the close season Inter Toto cup.

Hope all this brings some clarity to the situation.


KryssTal Reply: Thanks.

I hate the Champions' League. It's all geared to suit the TV rather than being on merit. I hate the idea of clubs dropping into the EUFA Cup if they finish third in the minileagues. I hate Rupert Murdoch being football's pay master. I hate the Premiership taking all the money and making such a big gap between divisions.

Thanks for the information.


Brajesh Gautam
Kathmandu, Nepal

Hello Kryss and Tal


Today has been a good day in my internet surfing history as I have come across your excellent site. Actually I was searching for past winners of English Ist division football. I found it alright but I was happily surprised to know that you had been to Nepal.Promptly, I also went through your site about travelling in Nepal.

I want you to ask about why English clubs were banned from European Football back in 80's.I know that there was some problem with crowd disturbance but was not the sentence too harsh?

Hope to get your reply and by the way are you again planning to come to Nepal? If you are then please mail me as I am eager to meet you both in person.

Thank You

KryssTal Reply: Namaste,

Thank you for your kind comments. I enjoyed my stay in Nepal very much.

The reason that English clubs were banned was after the 1985 European Cup final between Liverpool and Juventus. The Liverpool fans caused a riot and 70 Italian fans died. The match was played and Juventus won 1 - 0 with a penalty.

I hope this is useful.


how many cities have two clubs winning the european cup

KryssTal Reply: One - Milan.

Both Inter Milan and AC Milan have won that cup.


Shira Lee Kredentser

Hallo Kryss

I am trying to find the team roster for Nottingham Forest for 1978. Can you help me, or redirect me?

Best to you & thank you. Shira (here on the west coast of Canada - where are you?)

KryssTal Reply: Hello Shira,

What an unusual and exotic name. What is the ethnic origin?

I am in London (England - not Ontario) and I am of Greek origin.

Try the Nottingham Forest web site on

Good luck.

Hi Kyrss

Thanks for the quick turnaround. Sometimes one writes to an unknown person and never gets a reply. This is very refreshing.

Before contacting you, I had already been to the official NotFor club page, where I could likely access team archives, but I am reluctant to register (as required to get past the "welcome" page, including even using "contact us"). They state quite openly that they will give my identity to suppliers, advertisers, etc., to which I strenuously object. I don't know about you, but I already get far too much e-junk and do not foresee wanting to make repeated visits to their site. I just want to find out this one thing.

This all came about because my dear old Dad (a big soccer fan) is trying to remember the name of the team captain from 1975 (he thinks the first name is John). From the little I learned trying to get that info for him, I think he may actually want 1978 or 1979, which appear to have been the team's bumper years. Or perhaps it really is 1975 he's after. Either way, I'm just trying to help him out without signing up for infinite amounts of unwanted advertising.

I'm not really a soccer fan (hope that's not too disappointing) although I do admire the game and very much enjoy watching it. I know precious little about the rules and haven't yet learned to properly SEE the offsides, but I am learning and do think it's a great game. I'm more of a hockey, curling and figure skating fan, myself - I think it comes with the territory. However, I will also get up at 5:00 a.m. to watch grand slam tennis live from Paris or Wimbledon. Or a gold medal hockey game, of course.

As to my name, "Shira" is the English transliteration of the Hebrew word for "song", "Shir ha Shirim" being the Song of Songs and "Shir ha Sh'mayim" being the Song of Solomon. Nobody is quite sure about "Kredentser", the popular theory being that it was the best job the immigration official at Ellis Island could make of whatever my grandfather's name really was. I am a second-generation Canadian Jew. All my grandparents were refugees, Russian on my father's side and English (but originally also Russian) on my mother's.

I'm impressed that even know of the existence of London, Ontario. Since you are clearly geographically gifted, I will tell you that I live in Courtenay, which is about 2/3 of the way up on the east coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

So if you can easily come up with the answer for my Dad, we will be forever grateful. And even if you can't, do please keep in touch. I hear about people striking up "virtual friendships" through chance correspondence, but it's never happened to me. I think it would be fun to have a pen-pal (if that term is not too old-fashioned) on the other side of the world.

Thanks again and hope to hear from you.

KryssTal Reply: Shalom,

Thanks for the response.

I seem to remember a John Robertson that used to play for them. I'll do some research and get back to you.

Those years were the bumper years as you can see from my pages: and


Hi Kryss (who is quickly becoming an old friend)

You are a marvel to even bother. I don't suppose there is any obscure trivia about hockey that I can offer in return?

My dad remembers Robertson well and describes him as "a wonderful player with marvellous feet" but is certain he was not the captain. For some reason (beyond me) that is who he wants to remember. I don't ask - I just try to keep him happy.

He is disappointed today because Real Madrid knocked out Manchester. Even I watched part of that match and, being entirely non-partisan, thoroughly enjoyed it.

Yes, I had already looked at those (and 1975) before contacting you. It was largely because your material is so well-organized and cleanly presented that I decided you might be a likely person to approach, and obviously my assessment was correct.

I will look forward to your next message.

P.S. A little personal background would be welcome too, if you wish to provide same.

KryssTal Reply: I am an Arsenal supporter (as you probably know). Manchester United are our rivals in the league this year. I wanted them to have a tough game. Don't call them Manchester as there is another club, Manchester City, in that part of the world.

Try these sites...

Players I can remember include Kennie Burns, Trevor Francis, Archie Gemmel, John Robertson.

Oops ... then I guess I'm pleased for your sake. Usually I just hope whoever my Dad's cheering for will win, since I have no loyalties of my own. I promise to cheer for Arsenal, if I happen to get a chance. I think they are one of the teams Dad likes.

Over here we are currently in the thick of the Stanley Cup (hockey) playoffs, something that will drive me to a point of foaming-at-the-mouth, screaming mania (something like a soccer fan, from what I hear). I have been a dyed-in-the-wool Montreal fan all my life, having grown up there and cut my hockey teeth there, so to speak, but my team didn't even make the playoffs this year, which is sad. I will now be cheering for Ottawa as my second-favourite.

I will run all those names by Dad. He asks me to thank you for your kindness on his behalf. He can't believe a total stranger on the other side of the world would bother.

* * * * * * * * * *

My dad has remembered! It's John McGovern - I bet you'll say, "Oh, yeah, I remember him."

I had a look at your website & in short, it's tremendous! I have a few comments to make but will save them for my next message. I have a long, arduous day tomorrow and I promised myself I would be in bed by midnight, which gives me 3 minutes.

Will write again soon. Thank you for your help and interest.

P.S. Go, Arsenal! Hope that's an appropriate cheer - I have no soccer-specific vocabulary as yet.

KryssTal Reply: Hello Shira,

Yes I do remember John McGovern. I remember being very happy when Forest won the league in 1978 as it stopped Liverpool winning it three years running - something Arsenal did in the 1930s. Forest also won the European Cup - Nottingham is still the smallest city in Europe to have won that trophy. No London side has even been to a final. Forest went on to win it two years running - even the big (headed) Manchester United have only won in twice in their history.

Because Arsenal have a French manager / coach the correct chant is "Allez les Rouges". Arsenal have red and white in their colours. Interestingly, when the Arsenal club was founded (in the Royal Arsenal in South London), they needed a kit. One of their players was from Nottingham and so he wrote to his former club and they sent a spare kit down to London. Since Forest play in red that became Arsenal's colour also. The Arsenal nickname is "the Gunners" because the crest is a cannon. This has now been changed to GOONERS. An Arsenal supporter is now called a GOONER.


Catherine Knight

Hi, my dad used to play for a non league football team that recently shut down. Is there any web sites on which I could find some record of this team?


KryssTal Reply: Try doing a search on Google on words like "football England non-league".

Good luck.



Hi Kryss,

I wonder if you could help me with a query about Bristol City Football Club. I believe my GT GT uncle Percy Williams played for City around 1910-1925, I know it is a long shot but I thought your vast knowledge about the team in the early days you maybe able to tell me something about Percy ie what position, when he played, how long ect, or put me in touch with someone who could.

Thanks in advance.

KryssTal Reply: Sorry, Deb.

My knowledge is more about the clubs rather than the players. Try the Football league or Football association, the official club web site or try a search on the player's name.

Good luck.


Theresa Green

Dear Krystal

Can you tell me please if there was a player in the Bolton Wandere's team that won the FA cup in 1923 by the surname of Vizzard?

many thanks

KryssTal Reply: Sorry,

Try the official FA site - they may have all the Cup Final teams. Good luck.


ilias ellis

hello I am a fan from Australia I have been following English soccer for many years but I still don't really understand about the FA cup the League cup and so on can you help me to get a better understanding of these different aspects of the game. thank you ......Ilias

KryssTal Reply: The FA Cup is the oldest football tournament in the world (from 1872). All clubs can enter (professional and amateur). It is a knockout with a random draw. The League cup is newer (1960) and only professional (league) clubs can enter.


Per Moller
DK-4600 Koge (Our club played in European Champions Cup back in 1976 against FC Bayern Munich)
(Webmaster of the homepage of Koge Boldklub)

Just a greeting from a football-fan in Denmark, who are fascinated of statistic. I must say - I'm very happy to read this pages - I'm looking forward to follow the updating of the pages. Fantastic piece of work.


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