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Photographic Galleries

These gallaries are tables of thumbprint photographs that link to larger size pictures.

Search the travel photo gallery of 83,459 images by country, place (region / state / city) or a key word in the caption.

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This photographic gallery features one photo of each of the countries visited by Kryss Katsiavriades.
Countries include France, Poland, Myanmar, Egypt, Bangladesh, Chile, Sweden, Iran, Kyrgyzstan, Namibia, Ethiopia, Colombia, Uganda, Iraq and Saudi Arabia ...

This photographic gallery features one photo of each of the countries visited by Talaat Qureshi.
Countries include Italy, Slovakia, Malaysia, India, Peru, Norway, Zimbabwe, Tunisia, Russia, Oman, Armenia, Kuwait, Uzbekistan and New Zealand ...

Selected Countries / States

Photos of the Indian state of Tamil Naduu with its colourful people and spectacular Hindu temples.

The Annapurna Trek is one of the most popular in Nepal. It passes through villages of different cultures and superb mountain scenery.

Vietnam is an Asian country with beautiful, lush scenery, friendly people and historical temples.

Tanzania is famous for its wildlife in the Serengeti and Ngorongoro national parks.

A beautiful desert landscape with ancient paintings and superb wildlife parks like Etosha and the Skeleton Coast.

Colonial cities, great rivers, wildlife and tepuis are all found in Venezuela.

Ecuador blends great landscapes, colourful indigenous markets and tyhe Galapagos Islands.

A land of contrasts featuring cities, deserts, lakes, volcanos and indigenous culture.

A European country with picturesque cities and a superb coastline.

Great cities like Barcelona, Granada, Segovia, Madrid, Cordoba and Salamanca.

Modern culture in Milan, picturesque cities like Venice and Florence, historical cities (Rome), music, art and great food.

Dramatic snow-capped mountains tower over lakes and nomadic yurts. A mix of central Asian peoples.

The capital of China with its narrow streets, wide roads, Forbidden City and Tianamen Square.

The world's largest country with great cities (Moscow, St Petersburg) and Trans-Siberian Railway.

Iran is the site of ancient and modern Persia, a country with history, poetry, gardens, Islamic art and friendly people.

California is a land with spectacular national parks (Death Valley, Yosemite) and San Fransisco.

Selected Key Words

Photos that contain the keyword in the caption.

Travel Photodiaries

These are accounts (with photos) of trips and journeys that have a unifying theme.

The day by day story of a one month trek into the Everest region of Nepal through pretty villages and spectacular scenery. (34 days in 1990)

Overland trip through Syria, travelling by local transport from the Turkish to the Jordanian borders. (27 days in 1986)

The first (southern) part of a trip to Vietnam including a side trip to Cambodia. (25 days in 1992)

From Bolivia's Lake Titicaca across to the Peruvian side of the lake followed by a train trip to Cuzco, the centre of the Inca empre. (31 days in 1994 and 1995)

More Travel Photodiaries coming soon...

Land of Small Houses Bangladesh (1990)
Chinese Adventure Hong Kong to Wuhan (1988)
The Deep South Chile and Easter Island (1994)
Dravidian Travels Sothern India (1989)
The Mayas Copan to Palenque (1995)
The Golden Triangle Thailand and Burma (1983)
Coffee and Gold Colombia (1995)
On Top of the World Kathmandu to Tibet (1990)
Orinoco and Amazon Venezuela and Brazil (1998)
Roots London to Cyprus (1981)
Tea and Cinnamon Malaysia and Sumatra (1992)
Volcanos and Boobies Ecuador and the Galapagos (1995)

Trips To See Total Eclipses of The Sun

The 2023 eclipse from Exmouth (Australia). Part of a five month trip that included New Zealand and stopovers in South Korea and Singapore.

The 2019 eclipse from Caleta de Hornos (Chile). Part of a two month trip that included Argentina and a stopover in Canada.

The 2017 eclipse from Casper, Wyoming (USA). Part of a two month trip that included a stopover in Iceland.

The 2016 eclipse from Ampana in Sulawesi (Indonesia). Part of a three week trip with a stopover in Brunei.

The 2015 eclipse from the Faroe Islands (Denmark). Part of a one week trip.

The 2013 eclipse from Pokwero in northern Uganda. Part of a two week trip through Uganda and a stopover in Qatar.

The 2012 eclipse from Machans Beach, near Cairns in Australia. Part of a seven week trip through Australia and a stopover in Hong Kong.

The 2009 eclipse from the beach at Jinshan in China. Part of a two and a half week trip through China.

The 2008 eclipse from the beach at Berdsk in Russia. Part of a two month trip through Central Asia (Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan).

The 2006 eclipse from the Temple of Apollo at Side in Turkey. Part of a two week holiday.

The 2002 eclipse from the Kasane - Nata Road in Botswana. Part of a three week safari that included Zambia, Namibia and South Africa.

The 2001 eclipse from the banks of the Ruya River in Zimbabwe. Part of a three week safari that included South Africa, Kenya and Tanzania.

The 1999 eclipse from the stormy cliffs and coves near St Agnes (county Cornwall) in England. Part of a one week holiday.

The 1998 eclipse from the windy Paraguana peninsula in Venezuela. Part of a four month trip that included Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay and Argentina.

The 1995 eclipse in a tiny village in northern India. Part of a 2 week trip.

The 1994 eclipse from the 3000m plus highlands in northern Chile. Part of a one year trip that included Easter Island, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador (and the Galapagos Islands), Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, Belize and Mexico.

The 1991 eclipse from a small ridge in the deserts of the Baja Californian peninsula of Mexico. Part of a four month trip that included the USA. Belize and Guatemala.

The 1988 eclipse from General Santos City, on the Philippine island of Mindanao. Part of a 15 month trip that included Japan, South Korea, Taiwan. Hong Kong, China, Macau, Thailand and India.

The 1983 eclipse from Tuban, a small fishing village on the northern coast of the Indonesian island of Java. Part of a six month trip that included India, Pakistan, Myanmar (Burma), Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Nepal and Sri Lanka.

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