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The USA has the largest military expenditure of any nation. It has an extensive nuclear armoury, some of it based in other countries. In addition, there is a large chemical and biological program. Although not the only country with nuclear weapons, the USA is the only country to have used these weapons. The USA has tested its weapons on other peoples' territory.

Less well remembered is the fact that the USA has used chemical and biological weapons.

It frequently votes against United Nations resolutions that will monitor and curb such weapons. The USA often insists on countries having United Nations inspections for weapons programs while denying access for its own extensive chemical, nuclear and biological armoury. The USA will use the international legal system when it suits but ignore its judgements if they go against the USA. This behaviour is reported around the world leading to much anger and resentment at the USA. Little of this gets reported to the USA public however.

Some weapons regularly used by the USA are barely legal but of dubious morality (e.g. napalm, cluster bombs, depleted Uranium).

Much of the world feels like there is one law for the USA and its friends, another law for everyone else.

Year Country Details
1946 JapanObtained results of wartime biological experiments from Japan after promising immunity from prosecution.
1950 BahamasSpraying of toxic bacteria for testing.
1951 Marshall IslandsTesting of Hydrogen Bomb.
1952 KoreaBiological (plague, anthrax and encephalitis) and chemical (napalm) warfare.
1953 CanadaChemical tests (zinc cadmium sulphide) in city.
1954 Marshall IslandsTesting of Hydrogen Bomb.
1958 Turkey
Nuclear weapons installed in a country bordering the USSR.
1962 VietnamUse of Agent Orange, a defoliant which contains dioxin which is carcinogenic (cancer producing).
1962 CubaUse of chemical contaminants to sabotage the country's sugar and turkey exports.
1965 VietnamUse of agent orange (cancer producing defoliant) and flesh burning napalm.
1968 VietnamUse of flesh burning napalm.
1968 Marshall IslandsHuman aftermath of nuclear testing.
1969 KoreaAgent Orange (carcinogenic defoliant) used extensively; Chemical training given to other countries.
1970 VietnamAgent Orange used extensively; CS Gas sprayed, killing thousands; cyanide, arsenic, napalm and naphthalene used.
1970 LaosSarin nerve gas used against villages - also affects USA soldiers.
1971 CubaPigs infected with African Swine Fever.
1975 VietnamHuman aftermath of Agent Orange used.
1980 CubaAttempt to infect Cuba with bacteria.
1988 IraqExport of biological and chemical agents to a regime that gasses civilians.
1989 PanamaVillage sprayed with gas during invasion.
1991 IraqDeliberate bombing of nuclear facilities; use of weapons tipped with depleted Uranium, a hard but radioactive metal; civilians napalmed; use of sarin nerve gas.
1994 USAUSA soldiers exposed to nuclear, biological and chemical agents around the world.
1996 CubaAnti-crop insect sprayed over Cuba.
1997 USARefusal of USA to sign a treaty banning chemical weapons (signed by over 100 countries).
1998 South AfricaEncouragment of South Africa's apartheid regime to develop chemical and biological weapons.
1999 USARefusal of USA to sign a treaty banning nuclear tests.
1999 PanamaUSA military tests chemicals like Agent Orange, mustard gas, VX, sarin and cyanide in Panama.
2001 IraqHuman aftermath of 96,000 depleted Uranium shells dropped on Iraq since 1991.
2001 USAUnilateral USA withdrawal from missile and biological treaties.
2003 IraqEffects of depleted Uranium used in Iraq during the 1991 Gulf War. Declaration that it will be used again in the 2003 invasion.
2003 IraqUse of depleted Uranium.
2003 IraqUse of napalm near Baghdad.
2003 USA and othersStorage of nuclear weapons in the USA and other countries.
2003 ColombiaToxic spraying.
2004 IraqUse of napalm in Fallujah.
2005 VietnamLegal case about the use of Agent Orange in Vietnam.

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