The Acts of the Democracies

from 1945

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Range of Years

The year range can be selected is any order. For example, 1970 : 1980 or 1980 : 1970 will both display data between the years 1970 and 1980 inclusive. If the two selected years are identical, or if the second year is blank, the single year is selected. The information begins in 1945 from the end of World War II although some selections will display a pre-War historical summary.

Region / Victim Country

The region is a part of a continent. Included regions are Europe, North America, Middle East, Africa, etc. Some regions overlap. For example Turkey is found in Europe and Middle East, Afghanistan is in Asia and Middle East. There is an entry called Global Affairs which covers treaties, trade and environmental issues.

Instead of a region you may select a single victim country. Some countries will have different names at different times. For example, Yugoslavia becomes Serbia while Congo and Zaire often change names. Vietnam and Korea are treated as a single entity, ignoring any divisions into North and South. Some regions like Palestine, Kashmir, Northern Ireland and Chechnya have their own entries. Tiny islands in the Indian and Pacific Ocean are grouped together under the relevant ocean. Europe is an entry for events affecting several countries on that continent.

Perpetrator Country

The perpetrator country is the nation responsible for violating the victim country. The USA and UK lead the list (being the chief villains!) with the other countries in alphabetical order. Europe, NATO and the PLO have a separate entry.


The topic allows certain kinds of violations to be selected. The definitions are as follows:

Acts Covered in the Searchable Database (Summary)

1945 to 1949

End of World War II, France in Algeria and Vietnam, South Korea massacres, The Jewish Agency and Palestine, Tokyo war trials, UK deports Chinese, Nurenberg war trials, USA and elections in France and Italy, USA involved in Greece and Philippines, India's independence, The United Nations partition plan for Palestine, The State of Israel, coup in Peru, France in Vietnam and Madegascar, Netherlands in Indonesia, Nicaragua under the Samozas, civil war in China, oil companies in Saudi Arabia, Apartheid in South Africa, independence of Laos and Cambodia, coup in Syria, coup in Greece....

1950 to 1954

Political discrimination in USA, two Vietnams formed, Tibet invaded, wheat for Colombia, the status of Jerusalem, biological testing in the Bahamas, USA massacres in Korea, Puerto Rico, USA tests hydrogen bomb in the Pacific, coups in Bolivia and Thailand, UK seizes canal in Egypt, Israel attacks Jordan, CIA plots assassination in North Korea, military coup in Cuba, UK in Malaysia and Kenya, France in Algeria and Morocco, UK tests atom bomb in Australia, Belgium in Berundi, the pass laws in South Africa, biological warfare in Korea, UK in Sudan, Israel massacres Palestinians, UK and USA back coup in Iran, France in Laos, UK in Uganda, exile of Moroccan king, coup in Guyana, chemical tests in Canada, UK and USA attempt coup in Albania, CIA actions in West Germany and Philippines, UK forms federation of Nigeria, dictatorship in Paraguay, USA backed coup in Guatemala, USA replace French rule in Vietnam, France in Algeria, USA nuclear testing in Pacific, racial segregation in USA, corrupt election in Iran....

1955 to 1959

Racial killings in the USA, France in Algeria, South Africa leaves UN, civil war in Vietnam, UK in Cyprus and Sudan, Portugal in Goa, coup in Argentina, Greeks killed in Turkey, CIA plots assassination in India and coup in Costa Rica, USA funds political parties in Europe, the Suez Crisis (Egypt), resistance to UK rule in Kenya, Israel massacres Palestinians, oppression in Nicaragua, autocracy in Jordan, Oman, racism in USA, oppression in Haiti, CIA in Iran, CIA plots assassination in Egypt, USA nuclear missiles and testing, France in North Africa, Saudi Arabia in Syria, UK in Yemen, USA troops in Lebanon, coup in Pakistan, USA and elections in Indonesia and Japan, coup in Iraq, CIA in Laos, uprising in Cuba, Belgium in Congo, UK in Malawi, Zimbabwe and Kenya, independence in Cyprus, CIA in Cambodia, Dalai Lama flees Tibet, USA actions in Haiti, Laos and Nepal....

1960 to 1964

Race riots in USA, Aboriginies in Australia, oppression in Zimbabwe, Sharpville massacre in South Africa, France tests atom bomb in Sahara, rigged elections in South Korea, assassination in Congo, coup in Turkey, USA embargo against Cuba, independence in Madagascar, USA in Iraq, Kashmir, USA backed coups in Laos and Ecuador, UN condemns South Africa, USA backed invasion of Cuba fails, independence for Burkina Fasso, independent Kuwait set up by UK, assassination in Dominican Republic, USA in Vietnam, independence in Algeria, harassment of Cuba by USA, coup in Burma, CIA in Indonesia, USA and elections in Brazil and Dominican Republic, coup in Dominican Republic, USA race riots, assassination of Kennedy in USA, USA backed coup and assassination in South Vietnam, coup in Honduras, UK embargo on Indonesia, USA backed coup in Iraq, death squads set up in El Salvador, USA backed coup in Guatemala, Nelson Mandela imprisoned in South Africa, Europe in Congo, PLO founded, coup in Brazil, USA attacks North Vietnam, oppression in South Vietnam, political oppression in Zimbabwe, royal coup in Saudi Arabia, Greeks deported from Turkey, Rupert Murdoch, CIA in Bolivia, Panama dissidents shot by USA troops....

1965 to 1969

Buildup of USA military in Vietnam, USA in Dominican Republic, race riots in USA, Israel attacks Palestinians, Coup and massacres in Indonesia, white independence in Rhodesia, elections in Nigeria, France in Guinea, language in India, coup in Zaire, USA military in Laos, Thailand and Peru, USA bomb Vietnam and Laos, Israel attacks Syria and Jordan, apartheid in Namibia, coups in Nigeria and Central Africa, France in Djibouti, Aborigine rights in Australia, USA backed coup in Ghana, CIA in Bolivia, rigged elections in Nicaragua, Vietnam, UK in Aden and Yemen, assassination of Che Guevara, war between Israel and Egypt and Syria, Biafra breaks away from Nigeria, coup in Greece, My Lai massacre in Vietnam, Rhodesia, Israel bombs Jordan, civil rights movement in USA, violence in Northern Ireland, USA in Marshall Islands, secret bombing of Cambodia, Israel in Suez, the Vietnam-USA war, military rule in Brazil, Indonesia annexes West Papua, chemical warfare by the USA....

1970 to 1974

USA in Cambodia and South Vietnam, USA bombing of North Vietnam, biological warfare in Laos, dissidents shot in USA, death squads in Guatemala, Israel attacks Palestinians, coup in Bolivia, USA in Uruguay, Oman, Bangladesh breaks away from Pakistan, votes in Switzerland, UK in Northern Ireland, Israel in Gaza, coup in Thailand, elections in Indonesia, USA trades with China, USA in Laos, dictatorship in Uganda, dictatorship in Haiti, massacres in Vietnam, biological warfare in Cuba, "bloody Sunday" in Northern Ireland, dictatorship in Philippines, Cambodia, USA bombs North Vietnam, USA troops in Nicaragua, coup in El Salvador, civil war (Hutus and Tutsis) in Berundi, Israel bombs Lebanon, USA interferes in Australia, USA in Iraq, UK support for racist Rhodesia, coup in Chile, Palestinians, coup in Greece, Ilois expelled from Diego Garcia, USA bombs Cambodia, USA and Arab oil, Israel and the Palestinians, Turkey in Cyprus, embargo on Vietnam, military aid to Zaire, end of Halie Selassie's rule in Ethiopia, USA in Portugal....

1975 to 1979

End of USA-Vietnam war, Cambodia under the Khmer Rouge, assassination in Saudi Arabia, race riots in USA, Indonesia in East Timor, dissidents arrested in India, coup in Bangladesh, Zaire, Israel in Lebanon, CIA actions in Iraq, Henry Kissinger and Chile, end of Franco's rule in Spain, Morocco invades Western Sahara, UK removes Australian government, coup in Argentina, massacres in Nicaragua, CIA in Jamaica and Cuba, repression in South Africa, Lebanon, coup in Thailand, Indonesia, terror in Philippines, Vietnam, coup in Pakistan, Chile, Steven Biko, Panama, aid to Egypt, military aid to Indonesia and Zaire, Israel in Lebanon, terror in Rhodesia, coup in Guatemala, South Africa in Angola, development, uprisings in Iran and Nicaragua, Rhodesia in Zambia, terror in Central Africa, USSR in Afghanistan, settlements in Palestine, Greeks in Turkey, coup in South Korea, USA and UK blockade of Vietnam, end of Pol Pot's rule in Cambodia, USA, France and UK vetos in UN, USA in Yemen....

1980 to 1984

South Africa in Angola, land rights in Brazil, terror killings in El Salvador, USA in Honduras, Israel raids Lebanon, Israeli settlements in Palestine, repression in South Africa, independence for New Hebrides, coup in Turkey, Iraq-Iran war begins, elections in Chile, coup in Liberia, USA aid to Haiti and Khmer Rouge, USA, France and UK vetoes, biological attack on Cuba, CIA in Italy, repression in South Korea, economic pressure on Tanzania, UK and USA vetoes, South Africa destabilises southern African states, South Africa in Seychelles, Israel in Lebanon, massacres in El Salvador, elections in Philippines, USA in Libya, assassination in Egypt, terror in Guatemala, USA blocks aid to South East Asia, massacres of Palestinians in Lebanon (Sabra and Chatilla), Palestine, dictatorship in Guatemala, white rule in Rhodesia, South Africa in Mozambique and Lesotho, USA aid to South Africa, CIA in Afghanistan, CIA in Iran and Chad, USA UN vetos, Israel, USA in Lebanon, USA destabilises Nicaragua, USA invades Granada, USA cuts aid to Zimbabwe, coups in Nigeria and Guatemala, massacre in East Timor, NATO and the Warsaw Pact, USA UN vetos, founding of NED, USA and UK in southern Africa, Israel in Lebanon, massacres of Kurds in Turkey, explosion in India, School of Americas, Argentina's dirty war, USA UN vetos, CIA in Suriname....

1985 to 1989

Human rights violations in South Africa, Israel in Tunisia and Lebanon, France tests nuclear bombs in the Pacific, terror in USA and Chad, USA in Honduras, USA vetoes, elected authority abolished in UK, France and ecology, USA destabilises Nicaragua, terror in South Africa, South Africa in southern Africa, Israel in Lebanon, USA attacks Libya, elections in Guatemala, end of Duvalier rule in Haiti, more USA vetoes in the UN, oppression in South Korea, Saudi Arabia shoots demonstrators, USA provokes Iran, Intifada in Palestine, Israel bombs Palestinians in Lebanon, coup in Fiji, USA, France and UK vetos in UN, USA bombs Iran, Kurds gassed in Iraq, terror in Burma, Palestine declares independence, Colombia, El Salvador and Turkey, the World Bank and Jamaica, Western companies in Asia, UK violates human rights in Hong Kong, end of dictatorship in Paraguay, El Salvador death squads, USA invades Panama, USA in Cambodia, Burma, USA provokes Libya, terror in Guatemala, trade with China, poverty and the "Free Market", USA vetos in UN, economy in Dominican Republic, Philippine elections, world poverty....

1990 to 1994

Release of Nelson Mandela in South Africa, Israel in Palestine, elections in Nicaragua, tribes in the Philippines, annulled elections in Burma, terror in El Salvador, human rights violations in Guatemala, USA military installations, USA and elections in Bulgaria, CIA in Germany, body part farms in Honduras, ethnic cleansing in Thailand, civil war in Yugoslavia, coup in Thailand, USA and UK and others attack Iraq, Yemenis in Saudi Arabia, Kurdish repression in Turkey, coup in Haiti, Aung San Suu Kyi, Indonesian massacres in East Timor, World Bank recommendations, USA bases in Philippines, civil war in Bosnia, USA in Somalia, expulsion of Palestinians by Israel, religious riots in India, terror in Turkey and Colombia, end of civil war in El Salvador, USA and elections in Albania and Angola, USA foreign policy, USA bombs Iraq, USA blockade of Cuba, massacres in Brazil, coup in Nigeria, end of apartheid in South Africa, torture in Israel, sexual attacks in Turkey, Thailand and Burma, Aboriginal land rights in Australia, terror in Bosnia, genocide in Rwanda, Russia in Chechnya, USA in Haiti, self rule for Palestine, rights of Palestinian refugees, export of electric shock instruments, terror in Turkey and Nigeria, debt repayments, UK aid and arms to Malaysia, dams financed by the World Bank, chemical and biological testing, USA aid to Colombia, Iran bribes Argentina, Burma...

1995 to 1999

Repression of Kurds in Turkey, France explodes nuclear bombs in the Pacific, cultural vandalism and terror in Bosnia, settlements in Palestine, terror in Nigeria, discrimination in the UAE, World Trade Organisation founded, Taliban take power in Afghanistan, sanctions on Iraq, human rights violations in Indonesia, Indian terror in Kashmir, repression in Mexico, USA sanctions against Iran, Israel in Lebanon, repression of Palestinians by Israel, USA bombs Iraq, annulled elections in Serbia, land rights in Brazil, repression in Bahrain, setting up of Global Climate Coalition, terror and torture in Turkey, activities of the School of the Americas (USA), USA in space, child labour for Western companies, link between UK aid and arms sales, cheap labour in Haiti, tax avoidance by large corporations, slave labour in Burma, Australia and Indonesia in East Timor, terror in Kashmir, biological warfare in Cuba, USA and elections in Russia and Mongolia, Project for the New American Century, the USA avoids treaty obligations, Israel builds settlements in Palestine, killing in Rwanda, IMF in Haiti, Indonesia in East Timor, UK companies in Indonesia, South Africa and Colombia, repression in Turkey, sanction in Iraq, child labour in China for USA companies, treatment of native peoples in Australia, Massacres in Afganistan, massacres of Albanians in Kosovo, terror in Nigeria, WTO rules against Canada, Iraq bombed, USA bombing of Sudan, repression of Kurds in Turkey, religious persecution in Saudi Arabia, ecology, biopiracy, biological warfare in South Africa, terror in Indonesia and Guatemala, debt repayment, the arms trade, trade monopolies, terror and slave labour in Burma, USA and Vietnam, USA backed economic blockade of Cuba, coup in Pakistan, economic pressure by USA on Europe, Russia in Chechnya, USA and Central Asia, terror in Kosovo, UK and USA bombing of Iraq, Kuwait, terror in East Timor, Israel in Lebanon, IMF in Brazil, USA in Europe, discrimination against Roma in Czech Republic, death squads in Guatemala, USA departs from Panama....

2000 to 2005

Israeli occupation of Palestine, Israel withdraws from Lebanon, suspicious election in USA and Kirgizistan, discrimination against Roma, terror in Honduras, violence in Indonesia, violence in Zimbabwe, cultural violence in Afghanistan, human rights violations in Saudi Arabia, UK conflicts of interest, drug deaths in UK and worldwide, Pollution in India, oppression in Afghanistan, terror in Colombia, discrimination in Saudi Arabia, USA provocation of China, Israeli occupation of Palestine, unreported oppression in China, USA use of UN veto, sanctions in Iraq, USA treaties, USA and Israel boycotts, International Criminal Court, oil and Afghanistan, terror in USA and its aftermath, war in Afghanistan, terror in Palestine, terror in Nigeria, exploitation in Sudan, exploited labour for USA companies, WTO activities, European discrimination against Roma, UK arms trade, elections in Chad, Western companies in Asia and Africa, Peru, USA and international treaties, International Monetary Fund, India in Kashmir, USA in Afganistan, Israel in Palestine, Botswana's Kalahari Bushmen, spying on China, Vatican City ethics, pollution in China, assassination in Angola, Western companies and Human Rights, Swiss company and scientific information, health for rich and poor countries, European fishing near Africa, USA nuclear waste, Turkish dam, UK bank and ecology, attempted coup in Venezuela, Italian media, USA trade barriers, International Criminal Court, human rights in Bahrain and Burma, USA plans for Iraq, East Timor independence, Sudan, UK arms trade, nuclear lobby, the USA and the "Axis of Evil", coffee trade in Africa, Pakistan elections, Nazi publisher, Russia and Chechnya, Yemen, Lebanese water, USA in South Korea, Buildup to war in Iraq, Palestine / Israel, Rachel Corrie, Algeria, Afghanistan, nuclear energy, non-ethical products, USA foreign policy, USA nuclear weapons, North Korea, Romanys in Slovakia, International Criminal Court, USA-UK war in Iraq, human rights around the world, dam in Belize, Congo, Australia, UK and Northern Ireland, Zimbabwe, free speech in USA, tobacco use, the occupation of Iraq, Spain, companies in apartheid South Africa, Aceh (Indonesia), genetically modified crops, Palestinian mission in Iraq, the war on terror, economy in Africa, Burma, pharmaceutical companies, Kurds in Turkey, India and Kashmir, Kenya, Russia and Chechnya, pipeline in Peru, Morocco, Idi Amin, Colombia, UK arms trade, Serbia, world trade, Uzbekistan, Iran, USA and European safety laws, Bolivia, Kuwait, Regime change in Haiti, Afghanistan under occupation, undemocratic Saudi Arabia, Spain and its media, economic coersion against Syria, the UK and climate, destabilisation of Venezuela, repression in Chechnya, Equatorial Guinea and the West, Kurdistan, Turkey and the EU, USA foreign policy, The USA-UK occupation of Iraq; nuclear dumping in Kyrgyzstan; Palestine; effects of pollution; USA detention of foreigners; Western companies in Sudan, women in Aghanistan, the arms trade, Haiti, Nigeria, Jews and Chechens in Russia, partial elections in Saudi Arabia, Kurds in Turkey, human rights in UK, Gana and Gwi in Botswana...

2006 to 2009

Iraq under USA-UK occupation, Pakistan bombed, Syria bombed, USA and human rights, UK and human rights, Palestine under siege and attack, war in Congo, Somalia, occupation of Afghanistan, Lebanon, water, Cuba, Chechnya, Haiti...

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