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Before 2009 Iran was consistantly being demonised as an aggressor in the Western media. In March 2009, the new USA President, Barak Obama, made a statement aimed at Iran offering a "normalisation of relations". The following table shows what each side has done to the other since World War I. Only validated events (as opposed to accusations) are included.

Note that most Western media accounts of tensions between USA-UK and Iran take the events of 1979 (called "the hostage crisis") as their starting point. President Barak Obama did the same by talking about a three decade long conflict between Iran and the USA. These are examples of the USA and its allies and their media looking at the world through American (specifically USA) eyes.

Year Acts Committed by USA-UK on Iran Acts Committed by Iran on USA-UK
1920s and 1930s UK control of Iran's oil.
UK pressure on the king of Iran to exclude other powers from development.
1941-1942 UK, USA and Russia occupy Iran and exile the king, placing his son on the throne.  
1945 Departure of foreign troops but no compensation as previously promised.  
1953 UK and USA remove democratically elected government and replace with dictator (The Shah of Iran).  
1957 USA sets up and trains Shah's secret police, SAVAK.  
1979   Iran overthrows the Shah who flees to the USA.
After the USA refuses to return the Shah, Iran takes 52 USA embassy staff hostage for 444 days.
1980 USA and UK arm Iraq when it invades Iran.
USA fails to back UN condemnation of invasion.
1987 USA seizes Iranian ship in international waters.  
1988 USA bombs oil facilities in Iran.
USA warship shoots down Iranian passenger plane killing 286 people.
1995 USA imposes sanctions on Iran.  
2002 USA threatens Iran with regime change.  
2007 USA takes 5 Iranian diplomats hostage in Iraq. (Jan 2007 - ?)  
2007   Iran takes 15 UK sailors hostage for 13 days.
2007 USA takes Iranian power station workers hostage in Iraq. (Aug 2007 - ?)
USA threatens Iran with military action.
USA imposes sanctions on Iran's military.
2009 USA offers hand of friendship to Iran to make up for break in relations since 1979 - ignoring events before then. Iran is skeptical of USA intentions.

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