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Israel, Palestine and Lebanon

The 1947 United Nations Partition Plan for Palestine. The Plan split the UK controlled territory into three parts: a Jewish state, an Arab state and a UN controlled Jerusalem.

Deir Yassin, scene of a massacre of Palestinians by Israeli militia. Hundreds of thousands of Palestinians left their homes after news of the atrocity spread.

Palestinian refugees leaving their land after the creation of the State of Israel in 1948. The USA has lobbied to disallow the right of Palestinian refugees to return to their homeland. It is also the biggest supporter of Israel.

After independence Israel is in control of 78% of the territory after being allocated less than 57%. Over a million Palestinians are expelled to became refugees.

Israel between 1948 and 1967. Gaza is under Egyptian control while the West Bank is under Jordanian control.

49 Palestinians are massacred in the Arab village of Kafr Qassim near the Jewish village of Betah Tekfa by Israeli Frontier Guards. The USA supports Israel politically, militarilly and economically.

In 1967 Israel occupies Gaza (from Egypt), the West Bank and East Jerusalem (from Jordan) and the Golan Heights (from Syria). The Golan was never part of the original United Nations Partition Plan.

The Sabra and Chatila massacre of Palestinians in Lebanon by militia allied and supported by Israel. The military incursion into Lebanon was planned and led by Ariel Sharon. The USA vetoed six separate United Nations resolutions between 1982 and 1983 condemning Israel's invasion of Lebanon. In 2002 the USA refers to Ariel Sharon as "a man of peace".

Since the occupation of the West Bank, Gaza, East Jerusalem and Golan by Israel in 1967, hundreds of illegal settlements have been built in violation of the Geneva Conventions. The USA has vetoed many UN resolutions condemning these settlements and has financed their building.

Mohamed el-Dura, a ten year old Palestinian boy, is shot dead by Israeli soldiers in Gaza while crouching in terror behind a wall next to his father. A cameraman risks his life to film the gunfight and the film is shown around the world. Israel has been occupying Palestinian territory since 1967 with financial and political support from the USA.

Since 1967 Israel has been occupying Palestinian territory in Gaza and the West Bank. In spite of calls by the international community to withdraw the occupation continues. Despite the fact that two million Palestinians live under occupation, Israel is the largest recipient of USA military aid in the world. In spite of human rights concerns, the USA refuses to allow UN monitors into the territories.

In occupied Gaza, over 2,300 Palestinian homes have been demolished by Israel, making 17,594 people homeless. Rafah, near the Egyptian border, is the worst affected area where 11,215 people have been made homeless between September 2000 and May 2004. These acts violate the Geneva Convention and are a form of ethnic cleansing.

In the occupied West Bank, Israel is building a wall, declared illegal by the World Court in July 2004. The wall cuts off villages from their fields; sometimes it cuts villages in two. It cuts off tens of thousands of people from their families, schools and places of work. Over 200km of a planned 700km has been built. Its maximum height is 8m (30 feet). By comparison, the Berlin Wall was 3.6m.

Women and children were among at least 18 killed when their vehicles were struck by missiles on the coastal road to the southern city of Tyre. "Bodies litter the road", an eyewitness said. Local residents told al-Jazeera television that the victims had been hit after being told to leave the village of Marwahin by the Israelis and then refused shelter by the United Nations forces. Many of the victims were burnt to death.

The city of Beirut is devastated by Israeli air raids while the USA sends more bombs to Israel and the UK supports the attacks. The port city of Tyre suffers many casualties.

Victims of the Israeli attacks on Lebanon. The bombs are delivered by jets provided by the USA containing electrical components supplied by the UK and sent with a message written by Israeli children.

Some of the children of Qana killed by an Israeli air strike while sheltering in a building. No military personnel or hardware was found among the rubble.


Over 200 civilians are killed by USA soldiers in the village of My Lai. The soldiers who ordered this massacre were not punished. The media held the story for months before it became public knowledge. Colin Powell, later in the USA government, was involved in the cover-up.

Children running after a napalm attack. The girl in the centre has had her clothes and part of her skin burnt off. This photograph showed the people of the USA what their government was doing in Vietnam and helped turn public opinion.

The USA uses chemical warfare against Vietnam when Agent Orange is sprayed to defoliate vast areas of the country. The USA has since failed to abide by the terms of treaties controlling the use of chemical weapons.

Over 50,000 children are born deformed after the USA uses Agent Orange over Vietnam. Agent Orange contains the poison Dioxin which causes mutations in fetuses. No compensation has ever been paid.

El Salvador

Four American nuns are killed by a death squad in El Salvador. The country was financed and armed by the USA. Three members of the death squad were trained by the USA run School of the Americas.

Victims of El Salvador's government death squads: financed, trained and armed by the USA.


After World War I, France and the UK divided up large areas of the Middle East between them. The Kurds were forgotten and ended up being distributed between several countries (Turkey, Iraq, Iran and Syria) with no homeland of their own. This is a map of historical Kurdistan.

The Turkish army has killed thousands of its Kurdish population, clearing hundreds of villages over a 20 year period. Turkey is a NATO country with USA military bases so very little of this genocide is reported in the West.

Iraq uses poison gas on Halabja, a Kurdish village, killing 6,000 men, women and children. At the time Iraq was a USA client state. Between 1985 and 1989, private companies from the USA had exported biological agents to Iraq after obtaining licenses from the USA Department of Commerce (including Bacillus anthracis, the cause of the often fatal disease, anthrax and Histoplasma capsulatum, a disease that attacks lungs, brain, heart and spinal chord). Other exports had included the precursors to chemical warfare agents, production facilities and equipment for filling warheads with chemicals.


The USA and UK bomb Afghanistan in 2001 killing over 4000 civilians, incuding children. The Taliban rulers were replaced by groups like the Northern Aliance. Human rights did not inprove but the new governemt agreed a deal with the USA for a pipeline from Central Asia, the real reason for the invasion.


A million Tutsis were killed by Hutus in Rwanda while the West did nothing.

Some of the millions of orphans in Rwanda. Many were babies when their parents died; others were abandoned after their mothers were raped.


Ginni, an 8 year old girl in the Punjab region of India making footballs (soccer balls) for export to Italy. She earns $20 per month.


The economic costs and benefits of the 1991 war in Iraq.

At the end of the war, retreating Iraqi conscripts (mainly from the Kurdish north of the country) and groups of foreign workers fleeing Kuwait, were attacked by massive USA air power. Rockets, napalm and cluster bombs were used in what is described by the pilots as a "turkey shoot". This is a USA term meaning an unopposed slaughter.

The effects of Depleted Uranium on children. USA and UK forces routinely use this material which is known to cause cancers and genetic defects.

Photos from the Iraq War of 2003: The bombing of Baghdad ("Shock and Awe"). Child victims of the bombing (42% of Iraq's population is under 15). Dead Iraqi soldiers; these are fathers, sons and brothers of Iraqi civilians. Injured and frightened civilians plead for help. Soldier raising USA flag at Umm Qasr. Bomb damage in residential district of Baghdad.

The bombed Museum in Tikrit, the birthplace of Saddam Husein and a historical city - the birthplace of Saladin. Results of a missile attack on a Baghdad residential area (Sha'ab). Iraqi prisoners of war near Basra. Destroyed house in Basra. Injured 28 year old man in hospital. Mourning the death of family members.

Football playing child loses his right hand in Kefal. Bomb damage in Baghdad. A human hand lies in the bomb damage in Baghdad. Searching for a woman's body after bombing in the Radiha Khatoun district of Baghdad. Weeping for dead relatives. 9 year old Shahid Halid lies injured after the bombing that killed her mother. Injured children, one without limbs. A family fleeing the fighting near Baghdad.

Wreckage of buildings bombed in an attempt to kill Saddam Husein where 14 Christian civilians died. Journalists killed by USA forces. Pulling down a statue of Saddam Husein. Looting. Dead 2 year old boy in Basra as shown on Al-Jazeera TV.

Child Victims of USA power in Fallujah. These images were not shown on Western media but were widely shown around the Arab world. Over 700 civilians died in the attack including hundreds of children.

Images of USA soldiers torturing Iraqi inmates in Abu Ghraib prison. The events occurred in 2003 but only became public in May 2004 after these photographs were leaked to the media.

Fallujah, a city of 120 mosques and 300,000 people is reduced to rubble after a full scale invasion by the USA. Bodies litter the streets. Injured prisoner. Little of this was shown on Western media.

Iraqis being taken prisoner to unknown destinations with uncertain status. Refugees and an injured child.

The economic, military and human costs of the 2003 war in Iraq and subsequent occupation.

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