Iraq 2003 to 2005:
The Costs

Data and Victims


Last updated on 15 January 2005

Total USA troops in Iraq137,000
Total UK troops in Iraq11,000
Total non USA - UK troops in Iraq15,500
Sorties flown by USA - UK20,753
Cruise missiles launched (at a cost of $1 million each)800
Precision guided ("smart") munitions used18,467
Non-guided ("dumb") munitions used9,251
Cluster bombs used (each breaking into 200 bomblets - 5% fail to explode on impact)900 +
Authorised strikes against media facilities10
Number of mines in Iraq8 million
Iraqi military deaths6,370
Iraqi civilian deaths98,000 +
Iraqi civilian injuries (Baghdad)8,000 +
Iraqi civilians missing (Baghdad)1,000 +
Kurdish deaths75 +
USA - UK military deaths (during the invasion)137
USA - UK military personnel missing (during the invasion)4
USA - UK military personnel injured (during the invasion)473
Missing or dead journalists30
Iraqi prisoners of war9,000 +
USA - UK military personnel killed after end of invasion (1 May 2003)1, 428 +
USA military personnel wounded5,140
UK military personnel wounded2,754
Non USA - UK - Iraqi military personnel killed after end of invasion (1 May 2003)39
Cost of war to USA$126,100 million
Number of oil wells under USA and UK control900
Cost of the 1200 USA-appointed Iraqi Survey Team (looking for weapons)$300 million
Percentage of population that had access to safe water before the invasion85%
Percentage of population that now has access to safe water60%
Number of weapons of mass destruction found0
Number of military funerals attended by the USA president, George W Bush0

Iraq Body Count (Details)