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This is a collection of recipes that people seem to enjoy. These dishes are more likely to be found in the home rather than in restaurants or cook books.

Also called Tirhana in Arabic, Drahana is a Middle Eastern food made from wheat dried with milk and yoghurt. Served with pieces of Haloumi (a Mediterranean white cheese). Ingredients can be bought from Arabic, Greek or Turkish grocers.

This is a spicy Indian soup made with gramflour. This is made from ground chick peas. Tharka is added for flavour. Ghee is an Indian cooking medium made from clarified butter.

A carrot based milky pudding from India. Cardamoms are essential for the flavour.

Small potatoes cooked with corriander seeds and red wine.

Spicy mince-meat with ladies fingers.

Spicy meat balls served at formal occasions.

Shami Kebabs are spicy melt in the mouth burgers and can be made with lamb or beef keema (mince meat). They can be served either as a starter or an accompaniment to a main meal. The kebabs make excellent snacks and are best served a very spicy mint chutney and freshly baked naan bread.

Seekh Kebabs are made with keema (lamb or beef mince) and traditionally cooked in a tandoor oven. They are eaten with naan bread also cooked in a tandoor. The kebabs can be served as a starter or an accompaniment to a main meal with a variety of sharp chutneys.

Black-eyed beans are known as Lohbia in Pakistan. Traditionally, beans are eaten instead of meat which can be expensive. These beans are initially cleaned to remove any stones and grass matter, then washed. It is best to soak them overnight so that they double in size. They are eaten with rice and have a pouring consistency similar to Tarka Dhal. I prefer to eat them with roti (chupatti). Mint chutney and an onion salad is the best accompaniment.

A rich syrupy cake from South Africa.

This is a menu that we served to our close friends and family on our wedding day. It was held in London on 14 January 1994. We hired a red double decker London bus, complete with driver and conductor, to take us and our guests to the wedding.

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