Food Origins

Common Plant Products

Item Origin Notes
Apple Central Asia  
Aubergine India, China Also called "eggplant".
Avocado Central America  
Banana Asia New Guinea
Barley Asia Indus Valley, Pakistan
Basil Africa, Asia  
Beans Central, South America  
Beetroot Eurasia  
Broccoli Europe  
Brussel Sprouts Europe  
Cabbage Europe  
Cacao South America  
Carrots Central Asia, Middle East  
Cauliflower Europe  
Chili Central America  
Coffee Africa Ethiopia
Coriander Asia  
Corn Central America  
Dill Middle East  
Fig Africa Egypt
Gourd Americas  
Lettuce Europe  
Mint Middle East  
Okra Africa Also called "ladies' fingers", "bindhi" and "bamya".
Olives Middle East  
Onions Asia  
Oregano Middle East  
Parsley Middle East  
Peanut Americas  
Peas Eurasia  
Peppers Central America  
Pineapple South America  
Potato South America  
Pumpkin Central America  
Radishes Asia  
Rice Asia Yangtze Delta, China
Sage Europe  
Sesame Asia Indus Valley, Pakistan
Squash South America  
Strawberries Americas  
Sugar Asia New Guinea
Sunflower North America  
Tarragon Europe  
Tea Asia Japan
Thyme Middle East  
Tomato Central America  
Wheat Middle East  
Yam Africa  

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