The Acts of the Democracies




Iran (Fall of the Shah)

Iran, under the Western backed Shah of Iran, Reza Pahlavi, executes several government officials. The West does little as the Shah allows oil and business concessions.

The Ayatolla Khomeini overthrows the Shah. The new government has an equally bad human rights record but is denounced by the West because it removes the business concessions enjoyed by Western companies.

The Shah flees to the USA. Iranians occupy the American Embassy demanding the Shah's repatriation. In response, the USA freezes Iran's assets in America. General Mansour Moharari (one of the Shah's torturers) also flees to the USA.

In 1973 USA Senator, Henry Jackson had boasted that "the strength and Western orientation of Israel on the Mediterranean and Iran [under the Shah] on the Persian Gulf [are] two reliable friends of the United States [who] have served to inhibit and contain those irresponsible and radical elements in certain Arab States who, were they free to do so, would pose a grave threat indeed to our principal sources of petroleum in the Persian Gulf".

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