The 2017 Eclipse: People

The Eclipse Group

Eclipse Group - 21 August 2017

The eclipse group after totality with the number of total eclipses seen / experienced.
Left to Right: Cindy (2), Allan (2), Glyn (3), Kevin (1), Ruth (1), Kryss (17), Talaat (13), Benedikt (1), Felix (1), Bettina (2), Janet (6), Dan (5), Harald (2).

Eclipse People

Arrival: Kryss with Cindy, Glyn and Allan.
Cindy and Allan had helped select the eclipse site. I met Glyn via FaceBook.

More Arrivals
More arrivals.

Dan and Janet
Dan and Janet.
They were with us at the eclipses of 2002 (Botswana), 2006 (Turkey), 2009 (China) eclipses and we met them before the 2016 eclipse in Sulawesi.

The Archibalds
Cindy and Allan were with us at the 2012 eclipse in Australia.

Eclipse Watching Eclipse Watching Eclipse Watching Eclipse watching - note the sky colour changing.

Kryss and Glyn Talaat near Totality
Kryss and Glyn at the beginning of the eclipse. Talaat near the time of totality.

Kryss and Talaat with Cindy and Allan Kryss and Talaat with Dan and Janet
Kryss and Talaat with Cindy and Allan and with Dan and Janet

Pre-Totality Group
Pre-totality Group.

People During Totality People During Totality
During Totality.

Kryss showing his eclipse photos.

Kryss With Two Texans
Kryss talking to two Texans who had seen the eclipse from another ridge 200m away.

At G-Ma's Diner
Post-eclipse breakfast / lunch with the chef at G-Ma's Diner in Casper.

Meatloaf Omlet and Pancakes
Meatloaf for Kryss (his first) and omlet with pancakes for Talaat.

Kryss on ITV News

This was shown at 6:30pm on the early evening news on Monday 21 August.

Kryss on ITV News, interviewed in Casper.

Photo Credits

Talaat Qureshi
Group photo. Arrival. Pre-totality Group. Kryss with two Texans. Post-eclipse Breakfast / Lunch. Meatloaf. Omlet and Pancakes.

Janet Ha
More Arrivals. Dan and Janet. Eclipse Watching. Kryss and Talaat with Dan and Janet. During Totality. Kryss Showing Photos.

Cindy Lai
Cindy and Allan. Kryss and Talaat with Cindy and Allan.

Allan Archibald
Kryss and Glyn.

Kryss Katsiavriades

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