The 2017 Eclipse: General Photos

Kryss T-Shirt

Kryss T-Shirt
Kryss' t-shirt listing the previous 16 total eclipses.

Eclipse Photos

Shadow Approach Shadow Approach
The approach of the Moon's shadow.

Hand-held Eclipse
Hand held attempt to photograph the totally eclipsed Sun.

Venus during totality.

City Lights
City lights in Casper during totality.

Car and Hotel

Car Hotel
The hire car and hotel in Casper.


Kryss at the camp site presentation Kryss giving a night time outdoor presenation
Kryss giving a sunset presentation about the eclipse at one of the campsites.

TV Interviews

ITV Interview
Kryss being interviewed by ITV.

ITV Team
Kryss and Talaat with the ITV team.

Montana TV Interview
Kryss being interviewed by Montana TV.

Photo Credits

Janet Ha
Kryss' t-shirt.

Allan Archibald
Shadow Approach (left). Hand-Held Eclipse. Venus.

Harond and Bettina
Shadow Approach (right).

Cindy Lai
City Lights.

Kryss Katsiavriades and Talaat Qureshi
Car, hotel, campsite presentation and TV interview photos.

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