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Tani Lynn

I am an art student at UCCS in Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA.

For my last project this semester, we are to make an art video. My professor told us to look on the web for images to use for the project. I really like some of your images, and they would work well for my video. Are your images availabe for download, and if so, may I use them for my schoolwork? Thank You very much for your time!

KryssTal Reply: Tani,

I would be honoured and pleased if you used my images for your school project. Just tell them my web site as a credit.

Good luck with your project. Regards.


Jennifer D. Bricken
Howard Hughes Medical Institute

Dear KryssTal,

The Howard Hughes Medical Institute is a philanthropy devoted to basic biomedical research and science education One of our activities is a lecture series aimed at High School students. The lectures are webcast and also made available on videotape and DVD free to educators around the world. Our most recent lectures were given by Drs. Eric Lander and Stuart Schreiber. Eric Lander spoke about genomics and what the genome project has told us about human origins and evolution. As a DVD extra we are developing a slide show on the origins and migration of modern humans from Africa.

One slide in the feature discusses human diversity, and will show faces from around the world. Dr. Dennis Liu, our Program Director, has seen your photo of a Tamil Nadu man that would help illustrate human genetic variation very effectively. All use of the image by HHMI would be made for not-for-profit educational or public information purposes.

Thank you for considering our request.

KryssTal Reply: Hello, Maryland (USA I assume).

You may use my photos for educational purposes. Good luck with your lectures.




i was searching about old woman photos for my website and i met your site. it took me a few hours to read it, still reading. i want to thank you for your kind and nice site. and if you come to istanbul one day, please write me. i will take you to my favorite places and i will find a way to travel in turkey.


KryssTal Reply: Tesekur Ederim.

You are very kind.


you know turkish ?? i am surprised..

you both, are always and anytime and very welcome. because you are very kind too..regards.


Catherine Fletcher

Dear Kryss,

I've obviously been on your website looking at your people photos. You have posted some extraordinary ones. I would like to reproduce your photo of Moroccan water sellers. Here's why: I'm a playwright with a short play (From the Courtyard) inspired by a Moroccan folktale in the midst of rehearsals. The play is a sort of travelogue that includes the use of slides. One image I had hoped to use was one of a water seller my father snapped in Tangier. However, I have discovered that the negative as well as the print for this photo have disappeared. I've tried all of the folks I know with any connections to Morocco (having been there, originally from the Middle East, Moroccan consulate and tourist office), and no one has a similar photo. Then I found your website.

The play is being produced by a non-profit theater company in San Francisco. I live in New York, and the director needs the slide by the end of this week. I'm emailing to ask permission if I might possibly use this image of watersellers in my play by trying to download it from your website to disk and see if any labs can generate a slide from that. Sorry to bother you with such matters, but we're in a bit of a fix. I can't offer you anything but credit in the program and my undying gratitude for contributing to this production. If you'd like more information on the project, please visit the website

and look for the blurb on the ReOrient Festival. Thank you for taking the time to read this email. I look forward to your response.

KryssTal Reply: Hello,

You have my permission to use the image (with credit). Any chance of a copy of the programme?


Phil & Carolyn Connolly
at beautiful Lake Macquarie, NSW Australia

G'day from Australia Kryss!

Have just been through your Sagarmatha - Journey to Everest, parts 1-3, and are really blown away by how wonderful a trek that must have been for you, and your friends! The story of your trek is great, but the photographs are really fantastic! Would LOVE to be able to go on such a trek, but unfortunately think we will have to make do with re-living yours, with your very descriptive story and photo's! Have been enjoying looking at others of your photo's too, and your friend Talaat's! It's hard for us to imagine that you have visited 79 countries in the world, and Talaat 52! You certainly have been busy - we have only been to about four between us!! Anyway, keep up the good work with the photography, both of you - it's one way for many of us to see places we otherwise never could!

By the way Kryss, do you have an email service where you can let people like my husband and myself know when you post new photo's on your website? Please let us know...thanks!

All the best...


Jeremy W Yoder

Dear Sir,

Your photo for East Germany on the country page isn't the city hall for East Berlin, but the Staatsoper (State Opera House)on the Unten den Linden. The city hall is a large red building with a tower located at Alexanderplatz several kilometers away.

KryssTal Reply: Danke


Laurent Boubounelle

Dear Sir/Madam,

We are currently working on our new inspirational title to be published in USA later this year, for which we would need photographs of various divinities around the World.

I have visited your web site and I would like to know if your pictures would be available for possible inclusion in this book. All materials sent will be returned and full credit will be given for each image reproduced.

Please contact me if you need further information and to let me know if you would be able to help us. My direct line is: 020 7700 8050/f: 020 7700 4191.

KryssTal Reply: There is no problem with using my images as long as credit is given and a reciprocal link to my site is included.

Good luck with your project.


Wayne Fraser

I am writing to request your permission to use a photo which presently appears in your Internet site.

We are developing an Internet-based educational program designed to assist students who are preparing to work or study in a foreign country.

This course will assist the students with the following:

We would like to use the photo to accompany the course information. Please let me know if you would like us not to use this photo. If we do not hear back from you, we will assume that it is alright with you for us to use the photo.

KryssTal Reply: You may use the photo as long as you credit it with my name. Good luck with your course.

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