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Paul Mills

I hope you're well. Many thanks for your helpful Dr. Who fansite, that I came across while researching the show. I would be extremely grateful if I could tap your Dr. Who wit with the question below. We were recently looking at the serious and humorous aspects of the series in media studies at high school and after seeing a few episodes, I got hooked and am endeavoring to see as many episodes as I can on cable.

I'm not a super hardcore fan yet, but hope to get there. Plus I chose pick this show to write an essay about, compared with some other sci fi productions. This is no problem, but I also have to do a survey (preferably advanced) Who fans, who appreciate the show seriously, but also have a good sense of humor about it also. My teacher made the question, not me, but at least he has a sense of humor.

Question : How do you think (humorously, rather than seriously, scientifically, or how they really did do it when they made the show) 2 or more people got to fit into the Tardis ? Or how do you humorously think the Dr. and his female and sometimes other companions / colleagues, should've tried fitting into it, or possibly did (when time travelling), but didn't, or we just never saw what happened, because the show had to stick to a G rating?

If you know any other advanced, hardcore, witty Dr. Who fan/s who would care to respond, please pass this onto them, if possible. Thank you so much.

KryssTal Reply: Hello there,

Nice to see Dr Who popular in North America (? - you said "High School").

The Tardis is larger on the inside than on the outside: Dimensionally Transcendental.


Thank you so much for your reply to my recent Dr. Who school survey query.

Can you please also reply to a second and final query below, that I forgot to include. If you know any other advanced Who fans, please ask them to drop me a line, with their reply.

Question : If you owned your own Tardis in the real world, how would creatively disguise it, or what would you creatively disguise it as, so other people wouldn't get nosy about it or try using it.

I also would be extremely grateful if you can sugegst what are the 1 - 3 most active Dr. Who forums / messageboards on the net.

KryssTal Reply: The TARDIS when working properly should disguise itself to blend with its surroundings. The Master's TARDIS did this (in the 3rd Doctor's reign) as did the Monk's (in the 1st Doctor's). In the first and second episode of Dr Who, it is explained that the Doctor's TARDIS used to change its appearance.

Try the links on my Dr Who pages for further information.



I understand many of Colin Bakers last episodes were never aired. I was wondering if you knew what the story lines were? Melanie just appears out of nowhere in the series, and the events leading up to his regeneration are a total mystery.

Many Thanks

KryssTal Reply: Some stories were planned but never made. All made episodes were transmitted.


Anthony C

Hi there,

Could u please add the eighth doctor to your site played in only one episode by Paul McGann. I know it was shortlived, but it was an ok episode and officially the seventh doctor passed on the batton to the eighth so I think it should be included. I realise that some fans may not like him but there we have it, and I realise that the comic relief Rowan Atkinson crap should not be included, as it is a spoof, dispite being passed off as some official new ep at the time.

But Paul McGann should be recognised. Cheers.

KryssTal Reply: I'm thinking about it but it is a TV site and the 8th Doctor was a movie as were the two Dalek films in the 1960s. Leave it with me and I'll think it over some more. I may decide to add the New Adventures novels.

Hi there again,

Quite frankly, and I hope u agree with me here, if something is a 'movie' surely it should be on at the cimena etc? Well, this was nothing more than a one off episode, its home and soul appeared on the tv, as did the tv series, so I think its directly connected to the series. It may long to be a 'movie' but that is just a package piece of bollocks from the BBC. After all, they weren't going to call it 'an episode' were they, which is exactly what it is.

KryssTal Reply: I'll get around to adding the man. I'm busy with other pages right now.


The Lovely Rod

I just found your doctor who page,its great but how come you dont count kamelion as a companion,also you dont mention the 8th doctor.

Besides that, well done

KryssTal Reply: Thanks for your kind comments. I have included Kamelion as a guest because "he" only appears in two stories. The page deals only with the BBC televised serials and so doesn't include the 8th Doctor as that was a "TV Movie".



You asked for corrections. Firstly, where's the Eighth Doc as played by Paul McGann in the 1996 tv movie. Similairly no mention is made to Dr Grace Holloway, who served as a companion for that story (played by Daphne Ashbrook). Also no mention is made of Kamelion, the shape-changing android (voiced by Gerald Flood), who accompanied Peter Davisons Fifth Doctor. Sorry to be so picky,but you did ask - oh and the sites pretty cool too.

KryssTal Reply: Please don't appologise - and thanks for your comments.

So far I've stuck to the BBC TV series (except for Shada) but eventually I may add the (excellent) 8th Doctor. Kamelion? Yes, you're probably correct if I've included K9. Watch this space, or rather that space!



Rebecca and James Mannox

Hi Kryss,

Me and my brother have just finished reading your pages on doctor who programs. We really liked them ! We are Doctor who fans, and my brother's favourite characters are the Seventh Doctor, Ace and Sarah Jane (We've met her!), while mine are the Fifth Doctor, Ace and Adric. We really just wrote this to say how much we liked the pages, we think they're cool!

KryssTal Reply: Thank you both for your kind message. I put the effort into the pages because I too am an avid Dr Who fan. I began watching during the First Doctor. I am glad it pleases others.


Matthew Probert

Please note the appropriate spelling for the Doctor's assistant is the Indian form - Leela, and not as spelt on your Web Page.

KryssTal Reply: Well spotted. I always thought it was Arabic rather than Indian. I'll change it.

Okay so I'm really sad, but yes leela is Indian and Leila (sp?) is Arab, they are two variants of the same name, so you are quite correct in thinking Leila is Arab.

Nice sight by the way.

KryssTal Reply: Thanks - I made the change. I like both Arabic and Indian culture myself - especially the food!

By the way, don't you mean "nice site"? :)



I was just looking at your homepage... who is the most recent doctor? I live in Virginia, you see... so I'm not exactly up to date on the doctor and his travels....

KryssTal Reply: Hello Jen

Always happy to hear from fans of the Doctor. I've just finished listening to a tape of one of my favourite stories "Power of the Daleks" which is missing all six of its episodes.

The last Doctor in the BBC television series was the seventh, Sylvester McCoy. The recent Fox film features the eighth Doctor, Paul McGann. A new series was to have been made but that seems to have fallen by the wayside.

The series lasted between 1963 to 1989 (26 seasons). The first six seasons were in black and white and 110 episodes of these are missing, presumed lost! Videos of many of the stories are available from the BBC (or its equivalent in the US).

Hope this answers your questions - do not hesitate to ask more. How's the weather in Virginia, it's very hot here in London.

Thank you for answering my question. I thought it might seem a bit out of date.

KryssTal Reply: No trouble at all.

I have just recently started watching Doctor who, beginning with the 19th season.

KryssTal Reply: Season 19 is the first story of Peter Davison's reign as the Fifth Doctor. He is the vulnerable Doctor after seven years of Tom Baker's clever and gregarious Doctor.

(Peter Davison is the best!!) Over here, they show Doctor Who episodes every saturday night at 1:00am!!! Being the devoted fan I am... nothing is too late for me!! The last episode I saw was "The Caves of Androzani", so the next one I see will star Colin Baker----hope it's just as good.

KryssTal Reply: Fans in the UK often vote "Caves" as the best Davison story. The regeneration scene at the end is one of the best. Colin Baker is a very alien (almost unlikable) Doctor. He does mellow as time goes on. I didn't like Peri as a companion - she whines too much! The best Colin Baker stories are (in my opinion) Attack of the Cybermen, Vengeance on Varos, and Revelation of the Daleks. The Two Doctors is interesting because it features the marvellous Second Doctor and Jamie, one of the most popular companions. They were last seen in 1969 and that story begins in black and white, slowly fading into colour (sorry - "color").

But I have a couple more questions for you (hope you don't mind) -- do you know why Colin Baker's time on the show was so short?

KryssTal Reply: There was talk of cancelling the series at the time and there was, in fact, a year long gap between seasons 22 and 23. In the end the compromise reached was to carry on but to change Doctors.

Do they still show them on the t.v in London? (At decent hours of the day, one would hope.) Kind of frustrating, though --- I have to wait a whole week for another adventure of the Doctor!! Actually I'm lucky -- I live in one of the few areas that actually shows Doctor Who episodes. Thank you again (I realize this was kind of long--sorry bout that!)

KryssTal Reply: Actually, no. The BBC has shown only a handfull of repeats of Dr Who. It is shown more often outside of the UK. I don't know why this is. Recently, Dr Who won best drama award on the BBC even though it's been off the air for nine years! The 1967 story Evil of the Daleks was repeated after a year. In 1980 (!) there was a series called the Five Faces of Dr Who where a story was shown from each of the (up to then) five Doctors. There was another group of repeats in 1990. Satelite TV has shown many repeats.

In the UK we have five TV chanels (two are non commercial BBC - three are commercial). Our satelite TV is not really considered as part of our heretage or culture and is rather looked down upon. I refuse to subscribe to satelite because much of it is owned by Ruper Murdoch who owns too much media for my liking.

However, many videos are available from the BBC (I have them all). On top of that, unreleased stories and parts of missing stories are available from like-minded people! Missing stories are available as audios or reconstructions.

The weather here is VERY hot. I have to go to London for Christmas (school) does it get very cold there?

KryssTal Reply: No, we have a marine climate rather than a continental one. At 51 degree North latitude, our winters are milder than areas in the USA at latitude 40!


Helen Leanne Browne

The "unknown planet" in "Carnival of Monsters" is Inter Minor.

Keep up the good work.

KryssTal Reply: Thanks a lot - I've checked it out and corrected.


Debbie Hill

Dear Kryss,

Greetings from a small hamlet called Connewarre in Victoria, Australia.

Found your e-mail address on the Web. I am searching for a complete list of all the Dr.Who television programs ever made, not just the ones televised in Australia. Could you please help me with this? If the list (if it exists) is fairly extensive, I would be happy to pay for same and/or postage. Perhaps you could e-mail a reply? I would be very grateful. The list is for my mother who is 72 years old and a Dr.Who fanatic... I am searching for some episodes she does not have on Video.

KryssTal Reply: Hi there Ozland - I have just returned from 4 months in your hemisphere and I enjoyed the star gazing. Your Southern Cross is pretty.

A complete list of all the televised stories by doctor with information about them can be found on my Dr Who web site.

If you have any more questions - don't hesitate to email again.

Good luck.

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