The Acts of the Democracies




USA and Cuba

The American Association of World Health reports that the USA imposed trade embargo against Cuba "has contributed to serious nutritional deficits, particularly among pregnant women, leading to an increase in low birthweight babies. In addition, food shortages were linked to a devastating outbreak of neuropathy numbering in the tens of thousands."

The USA's boycotts of countries like Cuba as well as threats to retaliate against non-USA companies doing business with them violates the global trade rules that the USA has signed. Although it exempts itself from these rules, the USA insists on other countries abiding by them.

When European countries refuse to boycott Cuba, the USA's President Clinton asserts in the Newspaper of Record:

"Europe is challenging 'three decades of American Cuba policy that goes back to the Kennedy Administration,' and is aimed entirely at forcing a change of government in Havana.".

Despite the USA embargo and the assumption that the USA has the right to change the government of a foreign country, Cuba has 57,000 doctors for its 11 million people. Associated Press has reported that since 1963, Cuba has sent 51,820 doctors, dentists, nurses and other medical doctors to the poorest nations, providing free medical aid. During the 1960s, the USA was behind many attempts to assassinate the Cuban president, Fidel Castro.

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