The Acts of the Democracies




El Salvador

Rev. Daniel Santiago, a priest working in El Salvador, reports the story of a peasant woman who returns home to find her mother, sister, and three children sitting around a table, the decapitated head of each person placed on the table in front of the body, the hands arranged on top "as if each body was stroking its own head."

The killers of these and thousands of other people in the country are the USA funded, Salvadoran National Guard.

From 1984 to 1990, 6 Salvadoran military deserters have publicly acknowledged their participation in the death squads. Their stories confirm suspicions that the death squads are made up of members of the Salvadoran military, and also implicate USA personnel in death squad activity.

Cesar Vielman Joya Martinez, states that his unit carried out heavy interrogation (torture) after which the victims were killed. The job of his unit was to execute people by strangulation, slitting their throats, or injecting them with poison. He admitted killing eight people and participating in many more executions.

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