The 2015 Eclipse: People

Eclipse Day - Kryss and Talaat

Kryss with borrowed boots.

Talaat viewing the partial phases.

The Eclipse Group (Post-Totality)

Talaat, Mari, Kryss and Bonnie on a sunny ferry deck.

Eclipse Day - Special People

Javier, Wilfred, Talaat, Kryss and Gabriella.

This group of people show how luck can affect your chances of seeing a total eclipse of the Sun.

Javier is from Mexico and lives in Norway.

He went to the city of Mazatlan to see the 1991 eclipse in Mexico. He even took friends with him. Although generally clear over the country on eclipse day, Mazatlan was cloudy so he missed the eclipse.

For the 1999 eclipse in Europe, Javier was living in Germany. Most people in Europe were clouded out for that eclipse and Javier was no exception.

On 20 March 2015, Javier remained on the ferry at Torshavn and, like us, missed totality due to cloud.

Three total eclipses - all clouded out.

Wilfred amd Gabriella were also staying on the ferry.

They had a car and decided they didn't want to see the eclipse in the "city". They drove a few km over the hills to a small village which they had liked while sightseeing.

The sky cleared just long enough for them to see the entire two minutes of totality.

Eclipse Day - On Deck

People watching the partial phases of the eclipse on the ferry deck.


Jon Gregersen was a student from the Faroe Islands that we met in Greece a year before the eclipse.

Hello Kryss,

I understood that a big part of the small Faroe Islands did not manage to see the eclipse because of clouds. Unfortunately, you experienced that Faroe Islands really is "land of maybe". It is difficult to plan. However, sometimes it can be a good thing.

I was very fortunate to see the eclipse with my girl-friend and family from my home village Sandavagur-Vagar.

It was not easy to get some great pictures with my iPhone, but I have attached a couple of photos. You can see how cloudy is was before the eclipse. Suddenly, the skies opened and we could see the sun and the blue sky.

Experiencing the eclipse was something truly amazing!!! Something I will never forget!

I wish you and your wife a great travel to Indonesia. And I hope that you will experience good weather conditions too.

Best regards, Jon Gregersen

View during totality from Vagar Island by Jon Gregersen

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