The 1998 Eclipse: General Photos

Eclipse Mural
"An eclipse mural in the Paraguana Peninsula."

"T-shirts on sale."

"A t-shirt seller."

"Talaat with an eclipse sign."

El Pico
"El Pico, the eclipse site."

Kryss and Talaat
"Kryss and Talaat in the morning of the eclipse."

Kryss and noon
"Kryss at noon."

First contact
"Talaat at First Contact."

"Kryss and Talaat during the partial phases of the eclipse."

"Talaat taking photos."

Crooked tree
"Kryss by the crooked tree that was our shelter."

Post Eclipse
"Post eclipse."

Post Eclipse
"Kryss leaving the eclipse site."

"Talaat leaving the eclipse site."

"Kryss and Talaat with a group of Americans."


"Collecting sand that has been bathed by the Moon's shadow."

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