Seventh Doctor

The Seventh Doctor

Played by Sylvester McCoy as a mysterious Time Lord (1987 to 1989). With Mel and Ace he fought against The Rani, Davros and Fenric.

Story Location and Time Eps Companions Guests Villains
Time and the Rani Lakerta in the future4 Melanie  Rani
First appearance of the Seventh Doctor after the Sixth Doctor regenerates when the TARDIS is forced off course. Second appearance of the Rani.
Paradise Towers Earth 21004 Melanie  Kroagnon
Delta and the Bannermen Gavrok 4287
Wales 1959
3Melanie  Gavrok
Dragonfire Svartos
(Ice World)
3 Melanie
Glitz Kane
Third appearance of Glitz. Melanie leaves. Introduction of Ace, a teenager from Earth who was taken into the future by an unknown force.
Remembrance of the Daleks London 1963
Space 4763
4 Ace  Davros
Return to the junk yard and school of the very first episode for 25th anniversary story. Fourteenth Dalek story. Fifth appearance of Davros.
The Happiness Patrol Terra Alpha 23883 Ace  Kandy Man
Helen A
Silver Nemesis England 1638
3 Ace  Cybermen
Lady Peinforte
De Flores
Ninth Cybermen story.
The Greatest Show in the Galaxy Segonax4 Ace  Gods of Ragnarok
Chief Clown
Battlefield England 19994 Ace Lethbridge
Return of Lethbridge-Stewart. The first UNIT story since 1975 and the last until 2008.
Ghost Light England 18833 Ace  Light
Josiah Smith
The Curse of Fenric England 19434 Ace  Fenric
First appearance of Fenric. He was responsible for taking Ace to the Ice World in order to trap the Doctor.
Survival England 1989
Planet of the Cheetah People
3 Ace  Master
Cheetah People
Fourth consecutive story set on Earth. Final story of the seventh Doctor. Survival was the final Dr Who story broadcast by the BBC until 2005.

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