Tenth Doctor

The Tenth Doctor

Played by David Tennant as an eccentric smartly dressed man. (2005 to 2009). With Rose, Martha and Donna.

Story Location and Time Eps Companions Guests Villains
The Christmas Invasion London 20051 RoseHarriet Jones Sycorax
First appearance of the Tenth Doctor whose regeneration energy is detected by an alien spaceship.
New Earth The new Earth in Galaxy M87
c5000000023 AD
1 RoseThe Face of Bo Lady Cassandra
Sisters of Plenitude
First appearance of The Face of Bo, a long lived alien who knows the Doctor.
Tooth and Claw Scotland 1879 1Rose Queen VictoriaThe Monks
Queen Victoria orders the creation of Torchwood, an organisation to track alien life forms.
School Reunion London 2006 1 Rose Sarah Jane Smith
Sarah Jane Smith appears for the first time in 30 years. K9 appears for the first time in 25 years. Rose's boyfriend, Micky joins the TARDIS as a conpanion.
The Girl in the Fireplace Diagmar Cluster 51st century
Versailles 18th century
1 Rose
Jeanne-Antoinette Poisson Clockwork Men
A time portal on a spaceship opens up to 18th century France.
Rise of the Cybermen
The Age of Steel
Parallel Earth 21st century2 Rose
Peter Tyler
Ricky and the Preachers
John Lumic
Tenth Cyberman story. First parallel world story for 36 years. Micky stays behind after Ricky, his double on this world, is killed.
The Idiot's Lantern London 1953 1 RoseTommy The Wire
The Impossible Planet
The Satan Pit
Planet orbiting black hole K37 Gem 5 - far future 2 Rose The Ood The Beast
The Doctor mentions that the TARDIS was grown rather than built. The Beast says that Rose is destined to die in battle. This is the first appearance of the Ood.
Love and Monsters London 2006 1 RoseElton Pope Abzorbaloff
The first Dr Who story since 1965 not to feature the Doctor or his companions as the main characters.
Fear Her London 2012 1 RoseChloe Isolus
Army of Ghosts
Earth 2006 / Parallel Earth 2 Rose Jackie Tyler
Yvonne Hartman
Peter Tyler
Jackie Tyler travels in the TARDIS. Rose leaves the Doctor by getting stuck in the Cyberman's parallel world. 11th appearance of the Cybermen - 17th appearance of the Daleks.
The Runnaway Bride Earth 2006 1   Donna Empress of Racnoss
The first appearance of Donna who would later become a companion of the Doctor.
Smith and Jones Earth / Moon 2006 1 Martha   Judoon
First appearance of Martha Jones, a trainee doctor from London.
The Shakespere Code Earth 1599 1 Martha Shakespere Witches
Gridlock New Earth c5000000050 AD 1 Martha The Face of Bo Macra
Second appearance of the Macra and the first for 40 years. Second appearance of The Face of Bo.
Daleks in Manhatten
Evolution of the Daleks
Earth (New York) 1930 2 Martha Soloman
18th Dalek story.
The Lazarus Experiment Earth 2007 1 Martha   Lazarus
42 Space craft near a star - Future 1 Martha   Living Star
Human Nature
The Family of Blood
Earth 1913 2 Martha   The Family
The Doctor makes himself human to escape The Family.
Blink Earth 2007, 1969 1 Martha Sally Sparrow Weeping Angels
The Weeping Angels are a race that are quantum locked - they turn to stone when watched.
The Sound of Drums
Last of the Time Lords
Cardiff 2007
Malcassairo - Far future
Earth 2007
3 Martha Captain Jack Harkness
Professor Yana
The Master
The Master makes his first appearance for 11 years. He has been hiding in human form. Captain Jack Harkness returns and is shown to be the Face of Bo. Martha departs after helping to save the Earth.
Voyage of the Damned Earth orbit 2007 1   Astrid Peth Captain Hardaker
The Host
Max Capricorn
Partners in Crime Earth 2008 1 Donna   Miss Foster
The Adipose
Second appearance of Donna who joins the Doctor.
The Fires of Pompeii Pompeii 79 1 Donna   The Pyrovile
Sybilline Sisterhood
Planet of the Ood Ood Sphere 4126 1 Donna The Ood Halpen and Ood Operations
The Ood make their second appearance and are shown to be related to the Sensorites.
The Sontaran Stratagem
The Poison Sky
Earth 2008 2 Donna Martha
This is the fourth appearance of the Sontarans and the first for 23 years. It is the first appearance of UNIT for 19 years. Martha returns.
The Doctor's Daughter Messaline (Future Earth Colony) 1 Donna Jenny
Jenny is developed from the Doctor's DNA.
The Unicorn and the Wasp Earth 1926 1 Donna Agatha Christie Vespiform
Silence in the Library
Forest of the Dead
The Library 51st century 2 Donna Professor River Song Vashta Nerada
Professor River Song implies that she is a future companion of the Doctor and has her own sonic screwdriver.
Midnight Midnight far future 1 Donna   Unknown and un-named entity
The TARDIS does not appear in this story.
Turn Left Shan Shen unknown date
Earth: Alternative time line
1 Donna Rose Time Beetle
An alternative time line for Donna is created in which the Doctor is dead. Rose makes an appearance.
The Stolen Earth
Journey's End
Earth 2008
Medusa Cascade
2 Donna Rose
Captain Jack Harkness
Sarah Jane Smith
Human Doctor
Shadow Proclamation
The Doctor uses his regeneration powers but doesn't regenerate. A second human mortal Doctor is created. Donna forgets her adventures with the Doctor, only the third companion to do so after Jamie and Zoe. This is the sixth appeanance of Davros and the first for 20 years. The 19th Dalek story.
The Next Doctor Earth 1800s 1   Jackson Lake
Mercy Hartigan
12th Cybermen story.
Planet of the Dead Earth 2009 / Unknown Planet 1   UNIT
Lady Christina
Un-named metalic aliens
First passage through a wormhole. This is the second consecutive story without a regular companion.
The Waters of Mars Mars 2059 1   Adelaide Brook Water creatures
The third consecutive story without a regular companion.
The End of Time Earth 2009 2   Donna
The Ood
Time Lords
The Doctor "dies" after absorbing energy to save the life of Wilfred (Donna's grandfather) and undergoes a violent regeneration.

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