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Greek is an Indo-European language spoken in Greece, Cyprus, Middle East and Northern Egypt.

Agatha good
Agnes chaste
Alexander, Xander, Alex, Alec, Alexandra, Sandra, Sasha, Alistair, Ali defender of men
Anastasia, Stacey resurrection
Andrew, Andrea, Andy, Anders, Andre, Drew brave
Angel, Angela messenger
Anthea flowery
Anthony, Tony, Antonia, Latoya flower
Barbara, Barbie foreign
Basil king
Bernice bringing victory
Cassandra, Cass infaming men with love
Chloe green shoot
Christopher, Chris, Kryss, Christine, Tina, Kirsty bearing the anointed one
Cleopatra, Cleo glory of the father
Cynthia, Cindy of Cinthus
Cyril ruler
Damaris calf
Damian, Daman to tame
Daphne laurel
Delia of Delos
Denis, Denise, Dion from the god of wine
Doris Dorian woman
Dorothy, Dorothea, Theodore, Theo, Theodora, Dolly, Dora, Doreen gift of God
Eugene, Gene, Eugenia, Gena well bred
George, Georgina, Georgette farmer
Giles young goat
Gregory, Greg watchful
Hector restrain
Helen, Ellen, Elenor, Eileen, Elaine, Eloise, Lena, Lenore, Liane, Nora, Noreen sun
Homer pledge
Irene, Rene peace
Iris rainbow
Jason healer
Julius, Julian, Juliet, Julie, Julia, Gillian, Jill bearded
Katherine, Cathy, Kate, Kara, Karen pure name
Leander lion man
Leon, Leona, Lionel lion
Linus flax
Lois desirable
Margaret, Maggie, Madge, Marge, Margo, Meg, Peg, Peggy, Marjorie, Megan, Greta, Gretel, Rita pearl
Melanie dark, black
Melissa honey bee
Melody song
Monica, Monique, Mona alone
Myra, Muriel wonderful
Nicholas, Nicole, Nick, Niki, Colin victor
Pamela, Pam all honey
Pandora all gifted
Penelope, Penny duck
Peter, Pete, Petra rock
Philip, Phil, Philippa, Pippa horse lover
Phoebe bright
Phoenix dark red
Phyllis foliage
Priscilla ancient
Sebastian, Seb revered
Seline, Selina Moon
Sophia, Sophie, Sonia wisdom
Stephen, Stephane, Steve, Sven crown
Sybil, Sibil prophetess
Thelma wish
Theresa, Teri, Tessa, Tess summer
Tiffany manifestation of God
Timothy, Tim honour God
Xanthe yellow
Xenia hospitable
Zoe, Zola life

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