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Spanish is an Indo-European language spoken in Spain, Mexico, the southern USA, several islands in the Caribbean, nearly all of Central America and most of South America. The language is also known as Castillian.

Spanish words have come into the English language via two routes: from Spain into British English ("armada", "embargo", "patio", "sherry") and from Latin America into American English ("rodeo", "bonanza", "lasso").

Several country names are from Spanish: "Argentina", "Ecuador", "Venezuela".

There are far too many borrowed words from this language for all to be listed.

adobe   Unburnt sun-dried brick.
alligator the lizard American relative of the crocodile.
Argentina little silver South American country.
armada armed man Fleet of warships.
armadillo little armed man South American mammal. Same root as 'armada'.
balsa raft Strong light wood from South America used for rafts.
barricade cask Hastily build barrier, originally made from barrels or casks.
bonanza prosperity  
canyon tube A deep gorge.
cargo I carry  
Colorado colour red USA state.
comrade room sharer  
Costa Rica rich coast Central American country.
Ecuador equator South American country.
embargo arrest  
Florida flowers USA state.
guerrilla little war  
guitar   Stringed musical instrument.
hacienda things to be done A large house on a plantation.
junta join Group ruling a country.
lagoon   Water separated from sea by a sand bank.
lasso lace Noosed rope for catching cattle (South America).
lunch a slice of food  
matador killer A bull fighter.
patio   Paved courtyard.
Puerto Rico rich port Caribbean island.
ranch persons eating together Cattle breeding station.
renegade denier  
rodeo go round Round up of cattle on ranch.
rusk roll of bread  
sarsaparilla   Plant extract used as a tonic.
sherry   A fortified wine named after its place of origin.
siesta sixth (hour) A little sleep.
silo corn pit  
sombrero shadow  
stampede uproar  
tornado turned Small violent storm with whirlwind.
Trinidad trinity Caribbean island.
tuna   A large fish.
vanilla sheath, pod Pod used for flavouring. The same root as 'vagina'.
Venezuela little Venice South American country.

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