WORLD Wide Web


This award is for web sites that do NOT assume that their readers are from the same country or culture. Sites that are aware that their readers could be from any one of approximately 200 countries. Sites that know the meaning of the WORLD Wide Web.

For information about the type of things that exclude sites from this award, check out the page link below:

It's A World Wide Web

If you have won the WORLD Wide Web Award, you will need to display this image on your web page along with a copy of the HTML code below.

First, copy the image above. This can be done by moving the mouse over the image. Right click on the image. Select

Save Picture As...

from the popup menu. Save the image on your computer. It must be uploaded onto your internet server with your amended web page.

<!--Begin WWW Award HTML Code -->
<IMG SRC="wwwaward.jpg" WIDTH="250" HEIGHT="121" BORDER=2 ALT="Award"></A></CENTER>
<!--End WWW Award HTML Code -->

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