Amsterdam - The Anne Frank House

Amsterdam - The Anne Frank House

The Anne Frank House has been a museum since 1960 and is a must for any visitor to Amsterdam. The name of Anne Frank is renowned around the world due to her diary which has been translated and published in several different languages. Anne's diary was written at the time of the war when she and her family hid, in an attempt to save their lives. Today, visitors may visit the Anne Frank House and enter the Secret Annex that was prepared in early 1942 as the hiding place for Anne Frank and her family.

The pages of the Anne's original writings were given to Otto Frank, Anne's Father, following his return to Amsterdam in 1945. The Secret Annex, described in Anne's diary has been preserved and offers visitors an insight into the lives of the eight individuals who were forced into hiding.

What there is to see at the Anne Frank House

A particularly fascinating and moving element of a visit to this site is being able to see the actual space where these eight people hid and lived and where Anne wrote her diary. Visitors to the Anne Frank House can enter and see the actual house and the hiding place, the Secret Annex that was covered by the movable bookcase.

The Secret Annex itself has been left without furniture, while the outside of the house has been restored in the style of the period. Next door to the building where Anne Frank was in hiding, the building has been renovated and transformed into a museum with exhibition space, a bookstore and a café. The museum hosts collections and historic exhibitions showing the history of the place in addition to a modern interactive exhibition by the name of Free2choose. A particularly interesting exhibit at this museum is Anne's original pages of writings that are on display at the museum.

The Anne Frank House is located in the center of Amsterdam and may be reached by public transport. It should be noted that parking spaces for private cars are hard to find close to the museum. A visit to the Anne Frank House takes approximately one hour. Hotel rooms near the Anne Frank House can be booked by Amsterdam Hotels.

Although there are no guides or official tours at this location, there are informative brochures regarding the site.

A memorable visit to the Anne Frank House is a site that should not be missed while in Amsterdam.